All you need to know about WordPress Theme Framework?

All you need to know about WordPress Theme Framework?


Many of us might have used the WordPress Theme Framework but few of us may certainly know what exactly is WordPress Theme Framework. When we search about WordPress Theme Framework the google results in showing top free WordPress Theme Framework. There are very few articles out there which tells you about WordPress Theme Framework.

So, lets see what exactly is WordPress Theme Framework.

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?

WordPress Frameworks are for theme developers. It often refers to a library of functions or codes that offer a set of standards for theme developers to use in creating their own themes. Back in the days of WordPress, there was no way to upgrade WordPress theme without losing all the custom styling done on it. Therefore, the concept of parent theme and child theme was introduced.

WordPress Theme Frameworks can be treated as a parent theme template consisting of all the functionalities. User/Developer can then create the child theme of a parent theme and can add additional styling codes without affecting the functionality of original theme. Thus, when you upgrade the theme (parent theme), it will not affect your child theme and all your additional codes will not be lost.

Types of WordPress Theme Frameworks

Well there is no definite type of WordPress Theme Framework. But we can categorize it on the basis of how we use it.  First category is for frameworks that are completely drag & drop. Headway Themes is one of them that facilitate users to create everything easily without any need of coding knowledge.

Then second one can be the frameworks that have pseudo-drag drop feature. Pagelines and Thesis falls on this category. These type of  frameworks have facility to drag and drop the pre-defined sections like the WordPress widget that we work on. With additional facility of adding custom sections by using the available hooks and filters offered by the frameworks.

Then the next one can be those frameworks that are full of options like Themify. And the last one can be those theme frameworks that are built for developers like Genesis.

Reason for using WordPress Theme Frameworks

The WordPress Theme Frameworks are mainly used by theme developers. The reason is to enhance their development speed. Using Theme frameworks extremely reduces the development time. It is due to the great deal of functionality and customization options that the frameworks offer.

By using theme framework, developer does’t have to code everything by himself. Instead of developing a theme initially or changing all the files, creating a child theme is much more easier. It is as easy as creating a new style.css file. And you can also customize certain functions by using the functions.php file.


  • Huge Community Base – Most of the theme frameworks of WordPress have a strong community base, which makes it much more easier to get your issues resolved.
  • Ease of development – As previously mentioned, using theme frameworks results in ease of development for developers by reducing the development time.
  • Built-in functionality – These Frameworks comes with built-in functionality and widgets.
  • Code Quality – Many developers contribute to review the code of the framework. Hence, resulting in high quality error free code.
  • Upgrades – The option of upgrading parent theme without losing any custom code of child theme is the most preferable advantage.


  • Learning Curve – Most of the theme framework have their own type of hooks and filters. So working on child themes of new themes may take much more longer time as you are still in learning stage.
  • Unnecessary Code – Frameworks comes with great number of functionalities resulting in huge number of functions and code which you may never use.
  • Framework Limitations – WordPress Theme Frameworks also have limitations. First one is for having outstanding customization option, you may have to override certain core files or submit a patch to be included in the future updates.
  • Price – Most popular themes of WordPress are not free. You may have to pay one-time or annually to receive upgrades and support.

As a conclusion, we can only say despite the steep learning curve of theme framework, or the price you have to pay for popular themes, our suggestion is to use a theme framework. In some matter of time, you will speed up your development time. Also, you will get huge support from the development team of that theme so your development never stuck up. And lastly you can freely update your theme without having any fear to lose the current visual of your website.

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