Create A Website in 5 Minutes!!

Create A Website in 5 Minutes!!

Are you admiring how to design a website? Are you wishing to have your own blog site or an eCommerce website but have no coding knowledge? Don’t worry!! Gen X Web Hosting is providing Website builder that has your needs covered! SEO friendly, Drag & Drop user-friendly interface. Don’t hesitate and create your website now!

Create A Website in 5 Minutes

Easy-to-use site builder with hundreds of professional website templates:

Gen X Website Builder is tightly integrated with cPanel and your users can build their websites using 317 themes. It makes it easy to build your website with an easy to use drag and drop editor with 40+ can create a website with no coding knowledge! Simply select your personal website template, customize it according to your needs and go live in just 5 minutes. A professional website template is your answer to a successful website that looks super trendy and makes going online completely effortless!

Website builder

Features of our Website Builder:

  • One Click Publish: Just pick a theme, customize the content add images, audio, videos and click Publish.
  • Responsive: Websites created by our Website Builder are responsive and compatible with all screen sizes.
  • Easy to Use: Simple Drag and Drop Interface to create beautiful websites without any technical knowledge.
  • 40+ Widgets: Easy to use Image/Video Slider, Image Galleries, Rich Text, Video, Audio, Service Box, Google Maps and more.
  • Hundreds of Themes: There are Wide range of themes to choose. They are responsive, that means website look attractive across all devices.

Before you start:

Choose a Web Host:

It’s time to choose for Web Hosting. Every website on the web needs a host, just like everybody needs shelter. This is the only thing you have to pay for in order to make a website. Gen X Web Hosting is a reliable web hosting provider with low cost. Register with Gen X and get huge discounts on Hosting plans. To start making a new website, Gen X Web Hosting is for sure the best WordPress hosting for you.


Pick your unique domain name:

Once you selected a hosting plan, you need to registration a domain name. The registration of a domain is very easy. But it takes sometime to pick up a good domain name for your site. Choose a unique domain name with Gen X Web Hosting.


That’s it! You are now ready to create a website:

To know Step by Step guidelines to use our website builder, Click Here and check our Knowledgebase to build a website with your Brand Name.


Feel free to to play around with your new website, and do whatever you like with it!

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