CodeIgniter – A powerful PHP framework

CodeIgniter – A powerful PHP framework

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an Application Development Framework for building websites using PHP. This framework has simple application programming interface(API) and logical structure to access libraries and database. CodeIgniter uses Model View Controller(MVC) approach. MVC pattern offer simple and clean development which allows separation between logic and presentation.It simplifies the PHP code and brings out a fully interactive, dynamic website at a much shorter time.

Why you should need CodeIgniter?

  • If you need a framework with small footprint.
  • If you need fully-featured web applications with high performance.
  • Model View Controller (MVC) Approach to Web Development.
  • Need a framework which requires zero configurations.
  • A framework which is Simple to configure.
  • Make coding in PHP simple and easy.

CodeIgniter Server and Database Support:

CodeIgniter 3.1.7 is the current version of this framework. It supports PHP version of 5.1.6 or newer and MySQL version 4.1 or newer.

CodeIgniter at a Glance

  • It is free of cost
  • It is fast and Light Weight
  • It is an application framework
  • It uses M-V-C approach
  • It generates Clear URLs
  • It is extensible
  • In CodeIgniter you can use your own libraries, helpers, or through class extensions or system hooks.
  • It does not Require a Template Engine
  • It is Thoroughly Documented
  • It has a Friendly Community of Users

Important Features of CodeIgniter

1. Free to use : It is licensed under MIT license, so it is free to use to anyone.

2. Follows MVC Pattern : It uses Model-View-Controller which basically separates logic and presentation parts. Request comes to controller, database action is performed through model and output is displayed through views.But in normal PHP scripting, every page represents MVC which increases complexity.

3. Light weight : It is extremely light-weighted. Its core system requires very small library, other libraries may be added upon dynamic request based upon your needs. That’s why it is quite fast and light weighted.

4. Generate SEO friendly URLs : URLs generated by CodeIgniter are search-engine friendly and clean. It uses a segment based approach rather than standard query based approach. It helps to increase traffic on your website from google using Google Analytics.

5. Built-in libraries : It comes with full packet libraries that enable all the web needed tasks like database, form validation, sending email, manipulating images, sending emails, etc.

More Features of CodeIgniter

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