Description of SSL Certificate along with its uses and types.

Description of SSL Certificate along with its uses and types.

SSL plays an impotant role of our Internet and it protects your  critical assets as it propagates across the global networks.

Better Understanding of SSl Certificates:

  •  SSL certificates describes a trust by making a secure connection. To assure the visitors that the connection is secure, browsers display a visual description, such as an icon of lock or a green bar.
  • SSL is used for protecting your domain, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users’ personal information.

More about SSl Certificates:

  • The website without SSl Certificates.


  • The websites having SSL.



Various uses of SSL Certificates:

SSL are used to avoid attacks from the attackers or intruders from intrusion companies for damaging the data sent between the websites and the user browsers. It is critical for saving the sensitive information such as a bank account information but it also protects the site from malware and prevents others from introducing advertisements into the critical resources.

Note: SSl doesn’t prevents from hacking. It protects the internal assets such as the user’s contact and confidential details, It ensures that the information being transferred between a browser and web server is safe.

From the hacking point of view, it can only protect the login information being stolen when we login to our website.


 Creating a Secure Connection via  SSL Certificate:

  • When a browser access a website that has secure connection by SSL, then it establishes  SSL connection using a process called “SSL Handshake”. But the SSL Handshake is not visible to the client and occurs directly.
  • Characteristically, three keys are used to install the SSL connection: the public, private, and session keys. Anything secured with the public key can only be decrypted with the private key, and vice versa.

 Types of SSL Certificates:

There are three types of SSl Certificates:

  • Domain Validated Certificate: Domain Validated certificates are cheapest type of certificate but it is risk certificate used on a public website.It is recommended to use this certificates where security is not a concern.

DV certificate


  • Organisational Validated Certificate: They are the Trusted certificates. Which means they are strictly authenticated by real agents against business registry databases hosted by government. These are the type of certificate required on a commercial or public website.

Organisational Validated Certificate


  • Extended Validated Certificate: They are used by most of the world’s leading organizations. They provide best secured connection and trust to the organisation websites. Independently from improving trust and confidence based on the strictest authentication process, These certificates bring about a Green Bar on modern browsers to distinguish the secured site.

Extended Validated Certificate


From the invention of the cryptographic public/private key algorithms, with the involvement of a trustworthy third party, the secured connection and identity verification are made possible across the Internet, which is the most important part of today’s website industry. In the future, SSL certificates will evolve to offer more security and identity assurance.






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