Difference between Cloud Server and VPS (Virtual Private Server).


Here I am going to describe the difference between Cloud Server and VPS. As most of the people are not aware of these technologies or take both the technologies as same.

What are VPS?

One Physical Server is divided into multiple small section and each section act as their own virtual server, which can be accessed by establishing remote connections with Remote Desktop Connection in windows and SSH on Linux.

What are Cloud Servers?

In Cloud Server multiple Physical server are connected in a cluster which is backed by SAN storage. Using these resources Virtual Machines are provisioned on cloud. However Cloud Based Virtual servers are very flexible, extensible, and scalable . In cloud VPS resources are provided according to your need and in real time.


In VPS , if you have 2 GB RAM and you want to upgrade it to 4GB then, Up- gradation is not possible and you need to purchase new VPS with 4GB Ram , configure it  and move your data from 2Gb VPS to 4GB VPS manually.

Whereas, If you have Cloud VPS then you just need to upgrade Ram from 2 GB to 4 GB from your Cloud control panel and it’s done.

Difference Between VPS and Cloud VPS

If a physical server fails, cloud VPS are migrated to another physical server without experiencing an outage.

VPS uses local disks, similar to standard desktop computer, so in case one of the host nodes goes offline the data cannot be retrieved to boot your server up on a spare node.Cloud VPS uses SANs (Storage Area Network) to store the virtual machine’s data. The SANs are large disk appliances that are not physically attached to the host node that the virtual machine is on. This allows Your cloud VPS to be booted on spare hardware node in case the host nodes goes Offline
Customization’s available in VPS are very less and you would need to upgrade the entire server in order to increase a single resourceCloud systems are customizable. You can select your resources as per your requirement.
Less expensive than cloud VPSMore expensive than VPS
If physical server fails, all VPS’s on that server fails.


So, By now you must have understood the basic difference between VPS and Cloud VPS.