Everything you need to know about Parallax Scrolling

Everything you need to know about Parallax Scrolling

Today, one of the most rising design trend in the world of Website Development is Parallax Scrolling. It is seen that there is high increase in the number of designers using parallax as a key point of their designing skill. In the year 2011 parallax scrolling was firstly used for the website designing, and since it has been used widely all over the internet. Although Parallax Scroll have really shown its awesomeness, but is not meant for every website. Now lets see, what exactly is parallax scrolling?

What is Parallax Scrolling?

The parallax scrolling in web design is a designing mechanism in which the foreground elements of the website moves at a different speed than the background elements hence creating the illusion of a 3D effect on a 2D plane. Now these elements can either be images, videos or texts. Usually, the foreground images and background images are arranged in distinguished multiple layers and they move independent to each other thus giving an excellent visual story telling experience to the viewers.

Here is an example of a webpage with Parallax Scrolling. Click Here..

And an example of a webpage without Parallax Scrolling. Click Here..

The user visiting a parallax website leaves with a unique and enjoyable experience. The parallax scrolling in websites persuade the visitor to stay a little more longer on the website. The effect definitely encourages the user to scroll further down by makeing the user curious to know what’s more to see in there. Thus, increasing the average time the user spends on your websites.

Ways of Implementing Parallax Scrolling

While it’s true that Parallax has always being loved by web designers in recent times, but for leaving visitors more awestruck it requires both designing and animation skills. Speaking not only in terms of design and also animation, parallax scroll can be implemented in following ways:

  • Raster Parallax, which is mostly used to give an optical illusion in movement of the element of website.
  • Repeat Pattern, gives a multiple scrolling experience that is displayed on repeated patterns
  • Layered Parallax, where the foreground and background elements moves with a different speed.
  • Or, the simple Sprite Method, designers make pseudo-layers of sprites—individually controllable moving objects drawn by hardware on top of or behind the layers

Perks of using Parallax Scrolling

Using Parallax scrolling for your website isn’t always the best option as there is a numbers of perks in using it. Some of them are so major that you have to spend some time deciding whether the parallax effect should be used on the website or not or how much of it should be used.

1. The Loading Time

In parallax scrolling website, there is one single file that stores all the images, videos and texts. Hence making the file too heavy and the websites sometimes take too long to load.  And this you certainly know that if your website fails to load fast, it will surely lose visitors, as they may not have the patience to wait that long no matter how well designed it may be.
Thus if you are using Parallax Scroll on the stake of loading time then not using it is the best option.

2. The Issue with SEO

As mentioned above, websites with parallax effect have lots of heavy content thus resulting in taking more time to load completely. And when your website takes too much time to load that also not go well with Google ranking.

Since parallax websites have limited or a single page, there is also limited work you can do on keyword optimization. Also on such websites, the written content will be minimum essentially one H1 tag, and one URL. This really affects the visibility of the website on the Google ranking.

Also there is also one biggest drawback that parallax scrolling is not suited for mobile devices. Thus, again giving a chance to low your websites ranking.

3. User Experience

Using Parallax always enhances the user’s positive experience but problems arises when parallax is misused. On websites that are actually created to give information or to sell something using parallax can give bad user experience. If parallax is used on a blog or a business organization site, it may lead to some confusion among users. These sites are the place where your users most probably want to read the About page, learn more about your business or blog, or to purchase something! Using parallax scrolling in such websites results in presenting your content in a haphazard manner which will confuse your visitors, and at worst, drive them away from your website.


Here are some examples of one of the greatest and most creative websites that are based on Parallax Scrolling.

  1. Alquimia is a website that creates the 3D parallax effect with the movement of the mouse.
  2.  A creative example with upward scrolling is Space Needle.
  3. One of the most beautiful examples of parallax scrolling we’ve seen is this website for the game Firewatch, which uses six moving layers to create a sense of depth.
  4.  Garden Studio has also opted to use the parallax technique in a sensible and delightful way.
  5.  One website that uses parallax to its full efficiency and does not sacrifice usability is How Far it is to Mars?
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