How to Schedule Your Upcoming Posts in WordPress

How to Schedule Your Upcoming Posts in WordPress

In this world, where life is going very busy everyone is looking for some automation in tasks that are performed regularly . Being a regular blogger, I wanted to engage my readers everyday with my uploads even if I am not able to write those on daily basis. For this,WordPress has given a really cool feature that allows you to schedule your upcoming posts. In this article, we are going to discuss about how to schedule your posts in WordPress.

How to Schedule Post in WordPress :

To schedule your upcoming posts in WordPress, log in to the dashboard. You should only schedule completed posts, but if you want to see the process involved, simply navigate to Posts / Add New.

Step 1 : Once you completed your post, on the right-side of your post, you will see the Publish Section. Click on the Edit option provided right next to the Publish immediately button.

Step 2 : Set the date and time when you want to publish your post. Note that to mention the time in PM format you have to specify it in the 24-hour clock time format. e.g. 3 PM will be written as 15:00. The time will be based on your location settings in your Settings -> General page. Click on OK button to save changes.

Step 3 :  If you’ve selected a future date, this will replace the blue Publish button with Schedule button.Now to schedule your post at this specified date and time, Click on Schedule button.

If you want to re-schedule this post then click on the Edit option provided right beside the Scheduled For button. Set the new publish date and time and update it.Using the above same procedure you can re-publish the posts at the scheduled date and time which were published already.

Hope this will help you.

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