Reasons that illuminate the necessity to perform a Website Backup.

Reasons that illuminate the necessity to perform a Website Backup.


Website Backup

To know the importance of website back up, let us take an example of a situation. You had a cup of tea in morning. And you open your website to check because you have a big business to do in whole day. Your website contains all the critical assets that you need at the time of business. When landing on the main page of website, you saw your website is changed and every assets are missing. Instead of that your website is showing a page where it is displaying the content, you never saw before. It means that your website has been hacked. The only solution for this is to have a complete backup of your website, So if this situation arises in future, you are ready with your backup.

Here are few reasons why you should perform a website backup:-

1. Hacking issue(A depressing reality):-

Hacking issue

Even our website may seem secure, there are merely faults in the code used to build our website that have disastrous vulnerabilities, which the hackers trying to find. Unfortunately, hackers have become ordinary on the world wide web. While the aim of a hacker may be to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information, often people hack websites merely to cause trouble. If our website is online, there is always the chance that it may become compromised.

2. Hard drive Crash:-

Hard drive Crash


The hard drives and servers are meant to be built more reliable, there is always a chance of hard drive failure. Storing a copy of our files on our computer is a good idea, but if our machine crashed, get lost, or fall off a cliff, then our files will be gone with it. Backing up our files remotely is a more practical option in the event that something happens to our machine.

3. Viruses and Malicious Content:-


Viruses, Trojan horses, and other malware content in the website can find their way into our website even via third parties that are normally safe. We can download them unknowingly with a theme or plugin, or they can slip in through a breach in our firewall’s armor. Having backup files means that we’ll be prepared just in case our site starts acting mysteriously weird.

4. Wrong updates:-

Wrong updates

If the website is build using a CMS (Content Management System), there are a number of plugins and themes that need to be upgraded on a regular basis. When updating themes or plugin, it doesn’t go as expected. All we do is press the update button, and next thing we know our site is no longer live. In the event that our site crashes during the middle of a work day due to wrong updates. It’s a good idea to practice restoring a backup ahead of time, just in case the fire starts when you least expect it.

5. User Errors:-

User Errors

People make mistakes. It’s perfectly possible that an employee or contractor of a business organisation accessing the website critical assets and might click a wrong button or delete a necessary file by accident. If there is no backup made for the website, the data or files deleted by accident is gone permanently. When we backup our files, there’s less chance of human error will mess up our operations and affect our website.

6. Catastrophic server failure:-

Catastrophic server failure

A full server failure typically does not happen very often. When it does that causes a lot of issues and unnecessary downtime of the website. Especially if we do not have a copy of the files stored locally. Having a copy of our website will allow us to do a full website restoration quickly and efficiently.


If we have an up to date back up in place will allow us to get back online quickly after a trouble. There are many reasons why we need to get our website back online quickly. It including loss of income and potential SEO penalties. A surprising number of web hosts don’t back up our website regularly. Few companies that do backup regularly are simply do so for their own protection and don’t make the files available to their clients.

Improvements in technology over the years have drastically made web server more reliable, but this does not mean we should completely rely on the web hosting company to keep a backup of your website for us.

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