Switching From Shared Hosting To VPS:


Most of the people create their very first website and choose to buy an initial shared hosting. These types of hosting plans are perfect for small business websites, but if you are serious about your online presence and your website start growing, then you will need to upgrade your hosting plan to a next level.

Switching From Shared Hosting To VPS

When to upgrade your hosting plan?

If your website starts exhausting the resources that a shared hosting plan offers. You will need a VPS plan that can handle the growing traffic. A VPS would be ideal for you, Gen X Web Hosting is offering VPS at a cost effective price (in comparison with a dedicated server), and gives you the freedom to customize it for your needs. You can choose the software to be installed to the virtual machine, can request addition RAM, storage and CPU resource when needed. A virtual private server can provide a higher security and other features that are not available on shared hosting, such as SSH access and other functions.

When to switch from shared to vps hosting

Some Reasons to Switch on VPS:

Many of you are thinking why you should switch to a VPS, there are some reasons given below:

  • VPS will be solely yours! : Every hosting provider does their best to keep their servers as optimized and as clean as possible, you never know what the other accounts hosted on the same shared hosting do with their websites. When you switch to a VPS, you get your own private resources, dedicated to you.
  • VPS provides you a full access of server: Here you get full control over your server. You can configure how it actually works and you won’t have any limitations to certain functions or resources. On a VPS with full root access, you get unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited domains, unlimited FTP accounts and more.
  • VPS allows you to have more visitors on website: Virtual servers handle a lot more traffic than a shared host. When you share a server with more people and all of them get traffic to their websites – you use up most of your shared server’s resources. If you get a load spike you can slow up your server and increase the loading time. In this case VPS is reliable.
  • Website running on VPS are faster: You don’t share your server’s resources with other people, so that means that you will get much better performances. Your website will be noticeably faster if you host it on a VPS or a Dedicated server.

Your business relies on your website:

Now a days, people running their business from the website and earning money. Let us take an example, you have an eCommerce website or provide online services for clients; you should think to go for a VPS. This is the optimum way you can do for your website to make an enormous performance.

Your business relies on your website

Hence if you notice any frequent down times or slow loading speed, or you have established a major online business for earnings. Also you want to control all your activities going on your website. Upgrade your Shared Hosting Plan to a Virtual Private Server.

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We’ll help you setup your server and we’ll do all the server installation work for you. If you are not sure about which plan to choose or if you need any advice for your VPS. Feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 via Live Chat or ticket. We’ll make you switch from Shared to VPS as seamless and as easy as possible.

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