How to Transfer Domain to Another Registrar

How to Transfer Domain to Another Registrar

The Domain Name Transfer Process

Step 1:  At your current registrar

  • Disable or unlock your domain name Whois privacy protection  tool or Private Registration for your domain;
  • Verify you have access to the email within the domain  whois Administrative contact;
  • Unlock your domain – remove the Registrar lock you may have set for added security;
  • Need  the Epp code/authorization code from the current Registrar:

Step 2: Register  a transfer with the registrar where you would like to move your domain name.

Step 3: You will next receive an email from your new registrar with an authorization code (EPP CODE). Follow the instructions to confirm the transfer. In many cases, you can use the authorization code in Step 2 when you initially request the transfer.

Step 4: The new registrar will notify the current registrar to transfer the domain name. Registrars are typically given 5 days to return communication; otherwise the contacting registrar will assume the transfer has been rejected. When you receive a request for authorization (epp code) from your current registrar to release the domain name, confirm the release.
Your new registrar will notify mail you once the domain name has been successfully transferred.

And it may take time approx 5 to 7 days to complete domain transfer process.

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